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This Beard Kit consist of a conditioning oil, a beard brush and comb. Our oil will leave your beard looking fuller, softer, and more tame.  The Beard Kit is absolutely essential to your grooming routine; This beard brush and comb distributes the oil evenly, and removes dirt and grime and tangles from your whiskers.


Avocado Oil - Assist in the generation of new hair follicles
                       -Prevents breakage
                       - Makes detangling hair easier
                       -Protects hair from damage
Safflower Seed Oil -Enhances blood circulation
                                  - Stimulates hair growth
                                  - Adds Shine
Ylang Ylang- Boost sebum production
                     - Improves hair texture
                     - Reduces hair breakage
Vitamin E- Increases hair growth
                 -Supports A healthy scalp
                 -Reduces oxidative stress & free radicals that cause hair follicles to break down.



* If irritation occurs STOP USE IMMEDIATELY*

The Perfect Beard Kit

SKU: 0002
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