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Origin Story

Hi, I'm De!  I am a wife, mother, and the owner of Simply Natural By De L.L.C.  This business was created in 2019 for my amazing grandmother Annie J. who was experiencing balding in the crown of her head.  As I'm sure you can imagine this problem caused her anxiety and a loss of confidence.  My grandmother would call me nearly in tears complaining about her hair loss.  She was aware that I made products for my personal haircare needs, so she assumed I could do the same for her.  I would love to tell you that I immediately got to work creating something that could help her, but it took me about 3 years to HEAR her and get to work.  I eventually learned that oils could assist in follicle stimulation (I.E. hair growth).  I researched the benefits of various oils, learned the difference between carrier and essential oils; oils that penetrate the hair shaft, and those that coat the strands.  I created a formula, and sent the mixture to my grandmother through the mail.  She immediately began to use it daily.  Due to the fact that my grandmother wasn't very tech savvy I had my aunt to update me every two weeks with pictures  to spot possible progress.  Although I gave it my all, I was still doubtful that the mixture would work.  Two months later I couldn't believe my eyes.  IT WORKED!    That was the start of me realizing my purpose.  Thank You Grandma!  I LOVE YOU!


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